Financial brokers rating 2020

Financial brokers rating

Due to the constantly growing popularity of Forex trading for the last decade, huge crowds of newcomers have managed to flood the largest market in the world. However, just coming to Forex isn’t enough to become successful. One of the most crucial things in this business is that you should be 100% confident in your Forex broker. Among numerous financial broker names you need to choose a reliable company, you could entrust your money to. So, you’re interested in financial broker ratings. We’d like to help you to figure out which one from this list of financial brokers and dealers ideally suits you. Thus, you will avoid the worst terrible scenario that could happen to your trading deposit.

Apparently, Forex brokers greatly vary, from the well regulated and highly reputable companies such as Fxmcapital, handling a lot of accounts effectively, to those known for their questionable order execution practices. To make things worse, there’s a real danger of coming across outright fraudulent firms, which not only cheat their clients in their daily trades but also hide bad debt from them. In some cases, customer trading deposits are held in segregated bank accounts, suddenly becoming used to pay down other folks’ credit. Those who dared to entrust their money to such brokers ended up losing their funds even before they were able to open their first trading position. Therefore, you need to be extremely attentive when studying a list of financial brokers if you don’t want to become a victim of a fraudulent broker.

Consequently, that’s s basic common sense that all investors need to take their time when picking up their most significant partner, the company that will back their trading aspirations to go ahead – their Forex broker.

You’re currently in the process of choosing such a company. Please, don’t be in a hurry. Urgency is definitely an unnecessary element in this case. Our society is flooded with criminals willing to take your money in a variety of ways, and Forex trading isn’t an exception. Substantial research beforehand will undoubtedly pay off. If financial planning broker-dealer rankings puzzle you or you are reluctant to explore types of financial brokers, you can simply stick with Fxmcapital – a company with high ratings and a constantly growing number of returning fully satisfied clients.

There are a lot of websites, which can facilitate your search. The staff at Fxmcapital has already reviewed a great number of capable brokers and cut the group down to a list of the worthiest nominees.  The selection process starts by selecting a minimum of three possible companies, and then following with an evaluation of every candidate and whether they meet your requirements. Having narrowed the whole group down to one final nominee, you might want to start off with a tiny deposit as well as small trade positions to make certain conclusions.

Certainly, the first and most crucial consideration when choosing a Forex trading broker suggests determining whether or not your money will be 100% secure in their hands.

There are four crucial points you need to carefully examine to ensure your funds are safe:

  • Regulation;
  • Domicile;
  • Reputation;
  • Funding.


If your broker’s domicile is a major country with highly developed financial regulation, you have a good chance to have your funds recovered if required. Ensure to double-check the company’s domicile even if the address seems to be reputable enough. Sending your funds to a company based in less well-regulated countries, such as Bahamas or Panama will drastically reduce the overall reliability and security of your trades. Trying to protect your legal rights in a jurisdiction of another country can be a very difficult task. Most probably, in the background, you will have no regulatory oversight to back your effort. You need to avoid Forex brokers with a dubious base of operations. It will help you to drastically narrow down your search for a trustworthy Forex broker.


Secondly, you need to make sure that the broker you’re going to work with is well-regulated.  You need to know that opening a trading account with a Forex broker who has registered with a regulatory agency is a good idea in general. However, it doesn’t guarantee that this particular broker is fully legitimate or that your capital is safe.

Nevertheless, it’s still a good thing to have a regulatory agency at hand. It ensures you some recourse if the chosen broker suddenly files for bankruptcy or anything else happen, putting the return of your capital at risk. The best way to avoid such a great trouble is to stick with a completely regulated Forex broker, such as Fxmcapital, for example.


It’s another crucial point to check out. You require surfing on the Internet for either positive testimonials or striking complaints about the companies you have picked up for consideration. Special attention should be given to reviews where customers had complained about difficulties in withdrawing their earnings. If you find any evidence of it, stay away from this company.


That’s the final point when it comes to selecting a trusted Forex broker. This point has to do with the financial security of the company. Your funds will always be safer in the hands of a company with decent financial backing.

Needless to say, your broker needs to be well-funded. It should have a trusted parent company or owner. Such supporting relationships are often uncovered on the broker’s official site. As a rule, you can find this information in such tabs as “Press releases” or “About us.”  Even if you have a list of well-regulated brokers, you’d better double-check that it’s true. You should come to the website of the regulatory body in the country where the chosen broker is registered.

Watchdogs are used to publishing annual statistics on the capital funding for Forex licensees and whether they comply with requirements or not. Of course, your Forex broker should keep your funds in trustworthy banks. Soundness and safety are major factors when dealing with a Forex broker.

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